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(90)na11220100112(91)250512 – In this post, we’ll talk about Skintific 5X Ceramide Barrier Moisture Gel, one of the popular skin care products right now. This cream can keep our skin hydrated, which makes it incredibly beneficial. The official number for this product remains assigned by BPOM, which manages food and medicine, and is 90 na11210100167 91 240921.

Identifying the BPOM Number 90 na11210100167 91 240921 as Genuine

Identifying the BPOM Number 90 na11210100167 91 240921 as Genuine

Skintific 5X Ceramide Barrier Moisture Gel’s BPOM number is na11210100167. We can be sure that this product has passed a rigorous review procedure and complies with the security criteria established by BPOM by doing this verification. This figure indicates that the item complies with the required conditions for safety.

Several Striking Benefits Of Skintific 5X Ceramide Barrier Moisture Gel Stand Out

  1. High-Quality Ceramide: This Product includes high-quality ceramide, which helps to keep skin healthy by preserving moisture and preventing drying out.
  2. Moisture Barrier Technology: This Product offers additional protection to keep the skin moist and stop excessive water loss thanks to this technology.
  3. Fast Absorption and No Stickiness: The Product’s light gel structure enables rapid skin absorption without leaving behind an oily or sticky sensation.
  4. Reduction of Aging Signs: Regular use of this product helps to make fine lines and wrinkles less noticeable, giving skin a younger, fresher appearance.

How to Use Properly

Application Advice for Skintific 5X Ceramide Barrier Moisture Gel It’s crucial to follow these instructions for the best outcomes:

  • Before using this hydrating gel, make sure your face is debris-free and makeup-free.
  • Apply product Evenly: Distribute this Product evenly and liberally over your face and neck.
  • Massage the skin gently to promote more excellent product absorption.
  • Apply this moisturizer twice daily, in the a.m. and evening, for the best effects.

For individuals who wish to preserve hydration and good skin health, Skintific 5X Ceramide Barrier Hydration Gel is the best option.

How to Check BPOM Cosmetics Online for Original or Fake

How to Check BPOM Cosmetics Online for Original or Fake

Online, there are two techniques to determine if BPOM cosmetics are genuine or phony, specifically through the BPOM mobile application and website.

  • We are issuing permits and certifications for product distribution.
  • In drug and food regulation, we are conducting information gathering and investigations.
  • It is putting penalties in place.

For Cosmetics, BPOM

The notification number or BPOM number that may remain on the cosmetics package is the distribution permission granted by BPOM. For information’s sake, the BPOM number for cosmetics remains denoted by the letter N and continues to be followed by 11 digits of numbers.

To make it simpler for customers to inspect, scan, and check the BPOM barcode, some cosmetics, such as skin care items, additionally print specific barcodes.

Scan the barcode mentioned to verify or verify the original skincare barcode. If you are successful and remain taken to the Product’s BPOM page, you may be sure that the Cosmetics are registered.

You have two options for determining whether BPOM cosmetics are real or fake: the BPOM website or the BPOM app.

It is simple to determine if BPOM cosmetics are genuine or phony. Examining BPOM manually or via an application or website is equally simple. All foods, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics may remain checked using these two BPOM procedures.

Open the BPOM website at to determine if BPOM cosmetics are genuine or phony.

Enter the listed brand, product name, or registration number (choose one).

Then, choose “search.”

How to Use the BPOM Mobile Application to Determine Whether Cosmetics Are Genuine or Fake

The first method to examine BPOM is to Download the “BPOM Mobile” app from the App Store or Play Store to find out whether cosmetics are genuine or phony.

If the desired cosmetic package has a barcode, choose the “scan product” function and go to the barcode.

If there isn’t a barcode, pick Check NIE (Circulation Permit Number) and input the product name, manufacturer name, or registration number (whichever is applicable).

Then, choose Product Search.

An information notification in the form of a distribution permit number, product name, brand, packaging, product form, registrant, and manufacturer will show up if the product remains identified.

You may be sure that a product is still legitimately registered with BPOM if the information that shows matches the cosmetic item you are looking for.

As opposed to that, You may be inevitable if a product utilizes a bogus BPOM number if there is no data or data that is different from the product you are looking for.

Labels for BPOM and LPPOM are distinct.

How do we determine whether BPOM cosmetics are genuine or phony? Another organization that grants “permits,” LLPOM, is prone to being mistaken for BPOM.

An organization that conducts halal inspection and product certification is the Indonesian Ulema Council Food, Drug, and Cosmetics Study Institute (LPPOM MUI).

On January 6, 1989, the MUI created LPPOM MUI. I began with the 1988 pork fat case, which caused considerable public discontent.

What distinguishes BPOM from LPPOM MUI, then? BPOM is mandated or required to, In terms of health and safety, examine the product’s safety. LPPOM MUI then contributes to the halal aspect check.

BPOM MUI can be inspected or checked for a cosmetic product, in other words. Instead of BPOM, you may verify it directly on the LPPOM MUI website.


the original BPOM Skintific number, which is na11210100167. Please remember that the BPOM number is na11210100167, and no other digits or extra numbers exist.

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