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How To Get Advertisers For Your Website

Create A Media Kit

Advertisers  Once you have your website statistics, create a downloadable information pack or promotional page on your website that lists what you offer. This package of information, called a mediakit, describes its content, provides traffic statistics, ad sizes and prices, lists discounts and special offers, and provides contact information so advertisers can make a purchasing decision. In adding to banner ads, you can sell programs that include mentions of advertisers on your site, links to their sites, or email blasts if you have a subscription list. Include your website statistics in your sales documentation. Visit your competitors’ websites to find their advertising statistics and rates, and set your rates accordingly.

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Create A Calling List

When you’re ready to start selling, create a targeted list of potential advertisers who would benefit from promoting your products and services on your website. Check out competitor websites to get ideas about the types of companies to target and to find specific companies that have shown a willingness to buy advertising on the website. Research these competitor sites with Alexa and Quantcast to see how you stack up against them.

Add Click-Per-View Ads

If you’re not interested in selling ads with phone calls and emails, add pay-per-click advertising to your website pages using programs like Google AdSense, Yahoo Publisher Center, AdBrite, Chitika, or Miscroft PubCenter. These companies place ads on your website and pay you for each visitor’s click on an ad, anywhere from pennies to dollars per click. You can set up accounts for free and deposit money directly into your bank checking account or pay by mail with a check, varying on your preferences.

Work With Companies That Offer Affiliate Links

Have you ever heard of affiliate marketing? Companies create an affiliate program in which other companies and website owners promoting their products or services receive a commission for each purchase resulting from their posts.

They give you an affiliate link and sometimes clickable banners for you to place on your pages. For example, you can review a product on your blog and insert the affiliate link.

It is not a type of advertising, but you can use it to make money from your website. It is possible to sign up for multiple affiliate programs. The commission you get depends on each company. Look for programs that are worth your while and that are related to your website profile.

 Look For Potential Advertisers

Businesses that are related to your target audience and are not competitors may be interested in advertising on your site. You can start by searching Google for keywords related to your niche and create a list of companies that you could offer an ad to on one of your pages.

Also, go to websites similar to yours to see what companies are advertising there. They are also likely to find your pages relevant to their campaigns. Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are also very helpful in finding potential advertisers. Search using hashtags that match the topics on your site.

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