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Air Cooler Write for Us – Contribute and Submit Post

Air Cooler Write for Us

Air Cooler Write for Us

Air Cooler Write for Us: An air cooler is an easy-to-use, highly cost-effective purpose to help beat the boiling summer heat. Furthermore, they don’t take up as much space either. Working an air cooler is relatively simple, and it is pretty easy to operate and maintain. However, odds are, much like us, whether one can use air coolers without water has also arisen in your mind.

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How to Maintenance Personal Air Cooler

You must refill the water tank accordingly and replace the evaporative pad regularly. We advise that you refill your cooler after it operates for approximately 4 to 6 hours. Between 2 to 6 months, you can maybe replace the pad container. However, note that it depends on the level of individual usage and humidity conditions.

How many Hours can we Use an Air Cooler?

You must refill the water tank accordingly and replace the evaporative pad regularly. We advise that you supply your cooler after it operates for approximately 4 to 6 hours.

Can we put ice in the Cooler?

You can put ice cubes in the hollow to quickly cool the water, resulting in faster room cooling.

Can you use an air cooler without water?

The short answer to the inquiry is no. As it turns out, you cannot use an air cooler deprived of water. One of the parts keys to an air cooler’s working is its water tank/reservoir, without which cooling isn’t possible.

To understand why using an air cooler with water is impossible, one must know how it works. An air cooler works on the belief of evaporative cooling to cool any room. It works by drawing in hot and dry air after its settings and passing it through a wet pad or filter.

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