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Android Write for Us

Android Write for Us: Android is not just an operating system anymore. It has become a way of life because of its popularity and availability across platforms. Whatever devices you might be using, you will find an Android operating system in it. The reason behind its acceptability is the experience that the end-users get using it.

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Who owns the Android operating system today?

As mentioned above, Android Inc. was formally acquired by the world’s foremost search engine company, Google, in 2005.

At Google, the Android team made significant progress with their operating system, deciding to base the project on the open-source Linux operating system.

Google also contributed to founding the Open Handset Alliance – the team accountable for managing and updating Android today. This consortium includes several mobile telephone and technology companies from Intel and NVIDIA.

Features of Android

After learning what is. There are many Android applications in the market. Let’s see the features of Android.

The essential features of Android are given below:

1) It is open-source.
2) Anyone can customize the Android Platform.
3) There are a lot of mobile requests that the consumer can choose.
4) It provides many exciting features like weather details, opening screens, live RSS feeds, etc.

Advantages Of the Android Operating System

The Android OS gives you a lot of choices for installing your favorite apps. Android comes inbuilt with Google Play Store. It is the official store for downloading apps from Google.

Moreover, the Android operating system is very user-friendly and highly customizable. These features act as a catalyst for its extreme popularity across the globe. Today, we will discuss the prime advantages of Android OS. Also, we will look into the reasons behind its phenomenal success.

  • Open Ecosystem
  • Open Source Operating System
  • Diverse Phone Options
  • customized or Modified Rom
  • User-Friendly Play Store

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