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Block Clock is a large marble effect clock. It can stand out on its own or be very subtle in incognito mode, blending into its surroundings while remaining functional when needed. Also, You can set the alarm for 3 different times, it’s perfect for the living room, game room, nightstand or guest room. It goes into sleep mode and wakes up when you touch it or make a noise. Similar to the clap-on clap-off switch from the 1980s. This clock also displays the temperature and date! Put it on your bookshelf to keep time close at hand while you read and take a break from your phone.

block clock Cube-shaped clock with a beautiful marble effect Block Clock

Triple screen. Shows the time, temperature and date; or just time

temperature display Can switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius

Automatically off. Adapts to the environment but displays the time when you hear or touch a sound

Alarm. Set alarms for 3 different times

USB interface. Plug it into a USB port for longer life

Observations: Block Clock 

If you want to keep the screen on all the time. Click and hold Set, then go through all the settings until you get to the last one which is “on:Sd”, change it to “–:Sd”. So the screen remains visible all the time.

Do You Just Want To See The Weather? Press The Configure Button And Select Dp-2

Also, Use the up button on the back and switch to F or C, whichever you prefer and

“power on:A1” for power on; “–:A1” for power off

Specs Of Block Clock


Color: Grey, Marble Pattern

Dimensions: 3.5″ high x 3.5″ long x 3.5″ wide

Display: time, temperature, date

Temperature unit: Fahrenheit and Celsius

Alarm function: 3 different times

USB interface


Cloudnola Block Clock

manual operation

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