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01 Apr 2023

Brand awareness What Is It ? , Importance And More

Brand awareness is the grade to which potential customers recognize a brand and correctly associate it with your product or service. In the case of a small business, the level of brand awareness may not reach the status of the brand name (for example, asking for a Kleenex instead of a tissue), but the simplest ways will count as success. This could mean:

Consumers Who Know What Your Business Is Known For.

A social media user who knows about your ad will be amused when they find it in their feed.

Customers purposefully choose your brand over others, even when cheaper options are available.

Search engine users enter your company name or other branded terms in the search.

ThriveHive is now share of the WordStream family, but you can see from the example below that one of the top searches that drove traffic to their website was their brand name. That’s good brand awareness.

When your consumers are brand aware, they often learn more about your business because they know it exists and are actively searching for information about it, rather than discovering it on a Google or Yelp search.

Why Is Brand Awareness Significant?

Brand awareness is significant because it helps audiences understand, remember, and become familiar with your brand and products. If you can build brand awareness with your target audience, you can help put your brand first when those consumers are ready to research and make a purchase.

Think about it.

Since clients already know your brand, they are more likely to buy from your company than, say, from a competitor they are less acquainted with.

Brand awareness is often considered the first stage of the marketing funnel. By building brand awareness, you can cast a wide net of potential buyers over your audience. From there, you can direct possible customers to the research and decision-making processes, and ultimately to the purchase process.

To learn more about these key benefits, read our guide on the importance of brand awareness.

How Does Digital Marketing Increase Brand Awareness?

It’s no secret that people now spend the majority of their time online, more than six hours a day, suggesting that the web is not a place to be lost when seeking brand recognition.

Engage with consumers where they are and take advantage of all the exciting learning opportunities available in the digital world today and in the future.

Now let’s dive into various of the ways you can use numerical marketing to improve your brand awareness.

increased sale

We have already mentioned that people prefer to buy from brands that they know or are familiar with. The more customers know about a brand, the more market share this brand gains.

On average, companies with larger market shares generate more revenue than their less fortunate competitors. Increase your earnings. According to Forbes contributor Gabriel Shaoolian, a consistent brand across all platforms can increase sales by up to 23%.

Building emotional connections

Brand awareness plays a huge role in retentive customers and getting them to buy from you repeatedly. A trusted brand breeds confidence and optimism. As a result, customers are more likely to return to a brand they have heard of or bought from before.

Better yet, brand awareness creates a strong emotional bond between a company and a customer. Over 65% of people feel connected to certain brands. This emotional connection causes customers to repeatedly buy from a brand and pay more.

Customer loyalty growth

Strong brands can not only lead to stronger market advantages, higher sales and emotional connections with customers. You get another privilege: making occasional mistakes.

According to PwC, customers are tolerant of mistakes made by their favorite brands. Only 17% of clients refuse to work with their favorite company after a single mistake. When customers don’t have an emotional connection to a brand, their tolerance decreases. 39% of shoppers would not return to a business after a negative first experience.

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