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Computer – Definition And Its Types

computer is a device that converts data into meaningful information. Processes the input according to the user’s instructions and gives the desired output. There are different types of computers that can be categorized in two ways based on size and data processing capabilities.

So, based on size, there are five types of computers:

  • supercomputer
  • main frame
  • minicomputer
  • Workplace
  • PC (personal computer)

1. Supercomputer:

When we talk about speed, the first name that comes to mind when it comes to computers is supercomputers. They are the largest and fastest computers (in terms of data processing speed). Supercomputers are designed to process large amounts of data, e.g. B. process trillions of instructions or data in just one second. That’s because of the thousands of interconnected processors in supercomputers. It is mainly used in scientific and engineering applications such as weather forecasting, scientific simulation, and nuclear power research. It was first industrialized by Roger Cray in 1976.

Properties Of Supercomputers:

Supercomputers are the fastest computers and also very expensive.

It can compute up to ten trillion individual calculations per second, which also makes it even quicker.

used in the stock marketplace or in large organizations to manage the world of online currencies like bitcoin etc.

It is used in scientific research fields to analyze data obtained from solar system exploration, satellites, etc.

2. Mainframe:

Mainframe computers are designed to support hundreds or thousands of users simultaneously. It also supports multiple programs simultaneously. This lets them to run different processes at the same time. All these features make the processer computer ideal for large organizations such as banking, telecommunications, etc., which generally handle a high volume of data. friendzy

Mainframe Properties:

It is also an expensive or expensive computer.

has high storage capacity and excellent performance.

It can process a large amount of data (for example, data from the banking sector) very quickly.

works smoothly for a long time and has a long service life.

3. Minicomputer:

The minicomputer is a medium-sized multiprocessor computer. This type of computer has two or more processors and supports from 4 to 200 concurrent users. Minicomputers are rummage-sale in places like institutes or departments for various jobs like billing, accounting, inventory management, etc. They are smaller than a mainframe but larger than a microcomputer.

Features Of The Minicomputer:

Its weight is light.

Due to its light weight, it is easy to take with you anywhere.

less expensive than a mainframe computer.

It’s fast.

4. Workplace:

The workstation is designed for technical or scientific applications. It consists of a fast microprocessor with lots of RAM and a high-speed graphics card.  a standalone computer. It was generally used to perform a specific task with great precision.

Workstation Features:

It is expensive or expensive.

They are manufactured exclusively for complex work purposes.

It offers a large storage capacity with better graphics and a more powerful CPU compared to a PC.

It is also used to grip animation, data analysis, CAD, audio and video creation and editing.

5. Pc (Personal Computer):

It is also known as a microcomputer. basically a general purpose computer and designed for individual use. It consists of a microprocessor as a dominant processing unit (CPU), memory, input unit and output unit. This type of computers is suitable for personal work, such as B. creating a task, watching a movie, or in the office for office work, etc. For example, laptops and desktops.

Features Of The PC (Personal Computer):

A limited amount of software can be used.

It is the smallest.

It is designed for personal use.

It’s easy to use.

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