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Digital Computers And Its Types

digital computers, the different types of digital computers, their advantages and disadvantages, characteristics, classification, use and development. friendzy 

What Is A Digital Computer?

A digital computer is a machine or device that helps process any type of information.

These are the devices through which we provide input and receive output in a fraction of a second.

The operations that are carried out internally in the device are carried out using the binary number system, since the computer only understands digits, that is, 0 and 1.

All content written in English is converted to binary and this is how computers and humans communicate with each other.

Real life examples of digital computers

Some of the basic real-world examples of digital devices are as follows:

teller machine


A digital computer is mainly made up of three parts and consists of:


Input: The user usually provides the data to the device called input.

Processing: User-supplied inputs are processed internally in a specific order.

Output: Once the processing based on the input is complete, the output is presented to the user.

Different types of digital computers.

Digital computers are a device that must be programmed to obtain the desired result.

It uses electronic technology to generate, store and process different types of data.

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Based on the size and type of device, these digital computers are divided into four categories.



main frame



A microcomputer is not really expensive and comes with a microprocessor as the central processing unit and input/output devices.

These computers are commonly called personal computers and some examples are IBM PC, Apple and Dell.


Minicomputers are known as mid-range computers that contain one or more processors.

They support multiprocessing, which means that these multiple processors share the same computer memory and other peripherals needed to perform the given task.

Minicomputers are commonly used to process transactions, handle files, and manage databases.

Main Frame

Mainframe computers are generally large computers that are primarily use to store and process large amounts of data. It is known for its high reliability.

These machines are use by an organization that needs critical applications such as census and customer statistics for large-scale calculations that require a high volume of data processing.


Supercomputers are very expensive and the fastest computers in the world are available.

These computers have thousands of processors that perform trillions of calculations per second, making them the fastest ever known.

Supercomputers are widely use in companies and organizations that require extensive calculations.

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