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What Is The Digital Marketing? Entry Level Marketing Jobs

Digital Marketing? If marketing is the correction of selling or indorsing a service and encompasses areas like advertising, communication, and design, then digital marketing does the same thing but with an emphasis on digital delivery. Think of computers, smartphones, tablets, and the Internet. Instead of reaching audiences through billboards or magazine ads, a digital marketer reaches devices, websites and digital platforms with tools ranging from search engine optimization to UX design, email campaigns email, digital advertising and blog posts.

Is It Difficult To Get An Entry-Level Job In Digital Marketing?

The growing demand for digital marketers means that companies are not only hiring more, but are willing to invest more in new talent. Therefore, there is no shortage of entry-level positions and opportunities for advancement. Many hiring bosses are willing to overlook a lack of industry experience when candidates can demonstrate they have the creativity, drive, growth mindset, and interpersonal skills to learn on the job.

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Entry Level Jobs In Digital Marketing.

There are many different specialties in a digital marketing team, from content marketing and search engine optimization to public relations and social media engagement. There are entry-level jobs in each of these focus areas that can offer a strong and varied career path.

content author

A content writer is somebody who writes marketing copy for businesses. This contains:

blog posts


Press releases

Product description

Website Pages

We have listed this job first due to the high demand which makes it one of the easiest entry level positions in digital marketing. As more businesses have realized that quality content can lead to better conversions, increased SEO visibility, and increased trust between customers and a brand, this has led to more opportunities for entry-level content writers. entry.

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What Will You Do

Content creators typically do the work of informational writing. That means creating the words for ad campaigns, blog posts, articles, websites, and within apps, with an organization’s marketing goals in mind.

How Much Can You Earn

Content writer salaries vary based on their level of education, experience, and the market in which the digital marketer operates. The regular salary for a content writer in the United States is around $55,000, according to Glassdoor, though content writers earn more than double that in some markets.

What Are The Requirements

Most content writers are predictable to have the next skills:


A good understanding of SEO best does

Knowledge of how to write for web viewers.

The ability to write clearly and concisely.

Experience working with a CMS like WordPress

Great investigative skills

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