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Fortnite Best Friendzy: Free Rewards, How To Sign Up, And What You Need To Know

friendzy Not long after the release of Impostors Trials, Fortnite again hosts a special event where you can play and earn free rewards. This one is called Best Friendzys and it’s all about playing with your friends.

It certainly started as an initiative for gamers to get their old mates back into playing Fortnite. Best Friendzy needs you and a friend to spend a lot of time in the game with the goal of unlocking some free cosmetics.

Here’s everything you need to know around Fortnite’s Best Friendzy, including where to sign up and the rewards. By the way, Friendzy is supposed to be a “frenzy” game.

What Is Best Friendzy ?

Best Friendzy is basically a limited time event where players sign up on a special website and then play together until they earn enough points to unlock everything.

What Best Friendzy items can you redeem with your points?

Fortnite Best : How To Win Points

Fortnite Best Friendzy Points are presented as follows:

Every 10 minutes played together in Battle Royale = 1 point

Play creative together every 10 minutes = 1 point (max 6 points per day, resets at 05:00 CET)

Bonus – During your selected 60 minute daily bonus, you will receive a x3 bonus for the time you spend on stage Fortnite (i.e. every 10 minutes played together = 3 points).

Duos, Trios, Squads, and Creative are the only game modes that award Fortnite Best Friendzys points. Players can earn an infinite amount of points each day in Battle Royale modes, while a maximum of six points can be earned per day in creative mode. Also, Players can choose one hour each day as their daily bonus period. Points accumulated during this period are tripled.

You must be registered and registered in to the Best Friendzy website to earn points and move towards free rewards. Any friends you play with after registration will automatically qualify for points and rewards you earn together. However, unregistered friends cannot track their progress, select a daily bonus time slot, or progress with other unregistered friends.

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