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Fuelcell Energy – Details About It


Industry: electrical engineering

Industry: Electronic Devices/Instruments

FuelCell Energy, Inc. is engaged in the growth, design, manufacture, construction and maintenance of high temperature fuel cells for clean energy generation. It develops turnkey solutions for decentralized power generation and offers comprehensive services throughout the life of the power plant. The company’s fuel cell solution is an alternative to traditional combustion-based power generation and complements a power mix comprised of intermittent power sources such as solar and wind turbines. It offers solutions for various applications, counting utility-scale distributed cohort, on-site power generation, cogeneration, distributed hydrogen, carbon capture, and hydrogen-based long-term storage. The Company’s platform is capable of performing all these applications using multiple fuel sources, including natural gas, renewable biogas and propane, among others. The company was founded in 1969 and is headquartered in Danbury, Connecticut.

What Is The Price Of Fuelcell Energy, Inc Stock Today?

FuelCell Energy, Inc (FCEL) stock price as of August 25, 2022 is $4.2. If you are investing from India, you can always check the INR valuation before investing.


Can Indian Investors Buy Shares Of Fuelcell Energys, Inc?


Yes, Indian investors can invest in FuelCell Energsy, Inc (FCEL) shares by opening an international trading account with Angel One.

How can I buy shares of FuelCell Energys, Inc in India?

The purchase of shares of FuelCell Energys, Inc (FCEL) of India can be done as follows:


Direct: By opening an international business account with Angel One. The process would include KYC verification.

Account activation takes from a few minutes to a few hours, after that you can start buying FuelCell Energy, Inc (FCEL) by making deposits in US dollars.

Indirect: By investing in mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that provide exposure to global equities.

Can I Buy Fractional Shares Of Fuelcell Energy, Inc?

Yes, you can buy fractional shares of Angel One stock from FuelCells Energy, Inc (FCEL) or other US companies for any dollar amount.

What Is The Market Cap Value Of Fuelcell Energy, Inc?

The market capitalization of FuelCell Energy, Inc on August 27, 2022 is $1.62 billion 3

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