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Iot Write for Us – Guest Post and Submit Post

IoT Write for Us

IoT Write for Us

Iot Write for Us: Iot Edge computing is a hot topic in the Internet of Things (IoT) rings, particularly at the thin edge. According to Statista, the worldwide edge calculating market will reach $274 billion by 2025. This growth means that vast quantities of data made by connected devices will require more storage, computing, and network volumes closer to the source.

A good example is elevators:  Over 17 million elevators and escalators are in use, and no one wants to get stuck in one.

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Challenges of IoT on the Edge

While deploying IoT solutions on edge devices is not new, deploying these solutions as modular, out-of-the-box components onto hardened, cost-sensitive, lower computer power devices with a small physical footprint has presented challenges to many organizations.

This has been mainly because, until now, there has been no open embedded software platform to bridge the gap to the serving cloud stages.

Remove the complexity

What if there was a faster, more straightforward, more flexible way to secure connectivity and manage your thin-edge devices? There is. Industry leaders, including IFM, Nexus, ADAMOS, Kobus, and Software AG, have created a cloud-agnostic open-source framework –

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