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LG Flatron And Review About It

LG flatron this is the e 23 v 0 vLed LCD monitor currently using it on my Apple the screen it’s actually quite Quite large screen. There’s just a Standard 17 inches to the right and then Got a 15 inch notebook just kind of Comparing the from the notebook to the Screen it’s actually quite large and it Is too matte finish so it’s it’s a it’s Not glossy at all it’s incredibly thin.

The greatest thing but the base here it Just unhooks from the base and then you Just got this stub that hangs out and You can adjust it and it’s just kind of Like act like a picture frame you know. Who cares really on the back there is You got the power You got a dvi and then a vga up here is audio so you have audio for your Earphones and/or external speakers and Hdmi this model happens to come with.

What the hdmi which i have currentlyHooked to my computer and yes this doesWork for xbox and playstation 3 Because i have both and i have tried itWith both and it works if you want to Hook your ps3 up or your xbox up to it.

Lg Flatron Sensor

It’s got an ambient light sensor which Automatically detects how bright it the Room is and adjust the screen there’s a On and off switch for that there’s no Actual physical buttons it’s touch Sensitive like the the old playstation 3s it’s kind of that’s the only thing I Don’t like about it is it yeah If you push right here it’s so you just Kind of in this general area which would Turn the monitor on kind of kind of Strange if you ask me but oh well.

Sometimes it gives me pain the own That’s that’s the only thing that I Don’t like about it in the dark is when Is when i’m trying to you know get to my Computer and turn it on with my room is.

Dark and and it’s not on i can’t find a Button so i’m just pushing all over the Place in hopes that i find it or i use My cell phone as a light or something But other than that it works good let’s See about the best reviewer nor do I Have the best camera for reviewing I Don’t know if i’m using the iphone for.

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Here Are All Your Little Toggles Four

Buttons for monitor setup and adjust the Brightness and you can exit it’s got a Mode like a like a tv would if you click On it you can change your your inputs I Don’t know if you’re capturing that let Me focus alright there you go you got Your input if you hit input Actually changes the input that says Hdmi one and then you could go through Vga or your dvi kind of like you went on A tv just just different inputs so it.

Does Work On There You Just Put It Cook

Your hdmi up to your playstation or xbox Like i said because i’ve watched a lot Of views on this and everyone is Confuse if you could use it or not on a Playstation or xbox and some say that They could some say that they couldn’t I Had no problem hooking it up to mine Using the hdmi straighten to the back.

The Systems So That’s The Lg Flat Tron

Ii 2350 v it is the v because there’s Another one without the v but this one Is the the v and sfar i’ve been using It now for a week and it’s it’s it’s Really nice i wish i could actually you Know show you guys how how nice it Really is it’s on my camera here it’s She’s not gonna see much i don’t have a The best camera even though apple says.

It’s High-Definition Of Lg Flatron

Really nice the there’s no what do you Call it the bleeding from the light when There’s just a black image on some on Most l cheap lcd monitors you’ll see a White light that glows from the corners And it’s just bleeding in but this Actually the the blacks are really nice And the whites are really nice too and You could actually adjust adjust all That in your little settings menu and There’s a lot of cool little things Didn’t you could do to play with it.

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