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Manufacturing Business Examples

Shoe Shop

Manufacturing Business: There is always a request for shoes, but everybody has their own tastes and you need to make shoes that appeal to a big market. Here is an instance of a shoe manufacturing company that you can gain insight from to ensure your business remains profitable and sustainable:

About the store:

In the 1990s, Bolton Footwear focused on footwear to focus and grow this part of the business. They are now one of the leading footwear companies in South Africa, focusing on defined market niches, being competitively priced and made from quality materials.

Innovative business offer

In addition, Bolton Footwear is committed to the environment and the surrounding communities in which it operates. It also supports various local non-profit organizations and community activities.

Toy Manufacturer

Toys are relatively small and can be made from any number of materials. Therefore, they can be great products for small manufacturing companies to focus on.

Smartphone Accessories Manufacturer

Similarly, smartphone accessories such as bags and chargers are popular and can be made from a few basic materials.

Plastic Container Manufacturer

With some basic equipment for processing and shaping plastic materials, you can make bottles and other containers that you can sell to consumers or even other businesses.

Textile Producer

It may also focus on the manufacture of raw materials or other textile products that it sells to individuals or companies for use in the manufacture of final products.

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Furniture Maker

If you want to make larger products, you can focus on creating custom furniture products for sale. Then create a process to make more furniture on a larger scale.

Soybean Chunk Processing

Soybean chunks can be one of the most profitable food processing businesses that you can start with a modest capital investment. If this sounds like your manufacturing business idea, you need to research your competition before you go.

About the store:

Irwing focuses on manufacturing a variety of wholesale soy-based products, including ground soy meat and soy flour. Once produced, they also make it available to blue chip companies and those involved in food manufacturing and agribusiness.

Innovative business offer

Irwing has expanded its range to offer high quality soybean feeds to the livestock and poultry markets. This allows them to grow their client base and ensure they have multiple sources of income.

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