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MI.Mu Gloves And Details

MI.Mu Gloves Kris Halpin is a professional musician and singer-songwriter who works with Drake Music and the Mi.Mu Gloves team to try out this innovative new instrument.

In 2014, Halpin, who suffers from a disability that makes it increasingly difficult for him to play guitar and piano, approached Drake Music to work with us on exploring new technologies that could allow him to continue making music and be more expressive artists to play. live.

He now works with the Mi.Mu gloves are part of our DM Lab research and development program and said that the technology changed his life. In addition, Kris is an avid blogger and has documented the entire journey of this project.

What Are Mi.Mu Gloves?

Mi.Mu Gloves is a music interface developed by a team led by singer-songwriter Imogen Heap, now an advocate for Drake Music.

Seeking a more expressive way to use music technology on stage, Imogen assembled a team who developed an innovative gestural musical instrument after many years and hard work.

It’s not only one of the most expressive and profound musical intersections we’ve ever seen, but also one of the hardest to master.

This means that learning to play the mitts is a similar experience to studying a traditional instrument, giving the musician real experience and engagement.

The Mi.Mu glove kit is truly a digital luthier.

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Mi.Mu Gloves

The gloves are portable, wireless gesture musical instruments and controllers. The gloves are equip with devices that track the movement of their hands and fingers, allowing musicians to control music software with a level of complexity and expression not possible with more traditional button and slider interfaces.

Originally developed with and for music by Imogen Heap, the gloves offer a transformative new way to compose and perform music. For musicians, gloves offer a radical new way to interact with computer music, sculpting sounds with your hands or manipulating effects with your fingers.

For the public, the gloves are a visual and physical representation of electronic sound, bringing them closer to the music. The movement of the human body brings to life the dynamics of electronic music, as music is create through visual movement and gestures.

For the SOUND CHECK exhibition at Science Gallery Dublin, the team has created a unique set of glove music experiences for visitors to try for themselves.

Organic is a team of specialized musicians, artists, scientists and technologists who develop cutting-edge wearable technology for musical performance and composition. The gloves have garnered worldwide attention by proving that there is a better way to make music than sliders and buttons, through the complex movements of the human body.

The story of begins with musician and artist Imogen Heap. Seeking a better relationship with the musical software and hardware that make up her musical toolbox, she came up with the idea of ​​making music with a pair of gloves.

Inspired by other projects that had followed this path, she began recruiting collaborators to work on a music glove prototype in 2010. This later grew into the diverse team of engineers, artists, and designers that make up today, which is They specialize in textiles, electronics, sensors, software and, of course, music. is now moving forward as the team continues to work on new ideas, software, designs, and tools to bring this idea of ​​the power of gestures to as many people as possible.

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