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Five Ways Citrix Sharefile Adds Value To Microsoft Onedrive

sharefile Over the course of 30 years of strategic partnership with Microsoft, we’ve constantly worked to increase the value of offerings like Azure, Office 365, OneDrive, Teams, and Intune. The impact of the partnership is undeniable: creating 230,000 joint customers and tens of millions of users who enjoy an enhanced experience and increased productivity, all because ShareFile and Microsoft are better together. And the future of work will surely rest on partnerships like this one – partnerships that provide the experiences and tools that help people streamline, automate and secure file-centric tasks, on any device, at any time.

Let’s take a look at how organizations are using ShareFile to make their Microsoft solutions even more powerful:

Choice Of Data Source: Access To Data Across Multiple Repositories


Migrating to the cloud is important, but access to legacy systems, applications, and local storage for compliance may also be a requirement. Employees have data stored in multiple repositories and systems, such as network drives, SharePoint, and personal cloud connectors.

For most organizations, migrating to OneDrive is an ongoing process, which means data can remain on legacy storage systems for long periods of time. Also, legacy apps can’t always handle the SharePoint or OneDrive interface, and therefore require a more traditional lettered drive to work.

This is how ShareFile can help:

It gives you secure access to all data repositories, including on-premises and off-premises, while providing access to Office 365 web apps and legacy storage with the same ease as cloud storage.

You can connect to all your file storage tools so you can access and manage them in one place.

Content Collaboration In Virtualized Environments


Content is stored in too many different places: multiple cloud providers, corporate storage zones like SharePoint and One Drive, network drives, and personal cloud sharing systems, leading to “data sprawl” issues.

Keep remote and mobile workers connected and efficient. And OneDrive has limited support in VDI environments.

This is how ShareFile can help:

When deployed as part of Citrix Workspace, ShareFile provides a single user experience that brings together all your critical apps, desktops, and data in an easy-to-use, device-contextual layout.

It provides a consistent experience across all users’ drives, so they stay productive regardless of Windows operating system or platform (physical desktop, virtual desktop, and virtual applications).

Aggregate Security And Analytics Based On Usage And User Activity


IT must protect corporate data from data leaks, data breaches, ransomware, and malware threats.

While OneDrive is very secure, IT looks for additional security scans, such as bulk download or sharing warnings that could indicate data theft.

This is how ShareFile can help:

It feeds data into Citrix Analytics, ensuring you can detect and stop potential security incidents before they happen.

ShareFile analytics focus on data threats in Citrix Analytics and examine insider threats such as excessive file downloads, excessive file sharing, and unusual login access to ensure you get the full picture needed to maintain your perimeter Secure digital and avoid data leaks.

Streamlined Document Workflows And Simple, Secure Electronic Signatures


Modern businesses need to automate and streamline information flow, document management, work tasks, and business operations to increase productivity and maximize performance.

Companies want to adopt a single solution that goes beyond mobility, a solution that enables teams, business partners and customers to collaborate efficiently and get more done anytime, anywhere and on any device.

This Is How Sharefile Can Help:

IT eliminates manual processes and increases efficiency by automating document and business processes. Streamlined workflows can be customized with built-in triggers and planned next project steps

ShareFile digitizes the signing process with an easy-to-use process that can reduce administration time by up to 93 percent.


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