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A9s Sony And Review About It

Sony A9S Master Sequence OLED is an outstanding TV that offers amazing picture quality on almost any type of content. Like all OLEDs, it can produce deep blacks for a great darkroom viewing experience. It has a near lag-free response time and an optional black frame insert function, resulting in sharp motion in fast-moving scenes. Input lag has been significantly improved over its predecessor, the Sony A9G OLED, but it still lacks variable refresh rate support.

Also, it doesn’t have HDMI 2.1 ports and can’t display a 4k 120Hz signal, which could disappoint those looking for a TV to match their PS5 or Xbox Series X. As with all OLEDs, there are risks of permanent burns; However, we don’t expect this to be a problem for most people who view different content.

Overall the Sony XBR48A9S is an excellent TV. Its OLED panel has a near infinite contrast ratio and perfect black uniformity, making it a fantastic option for watching movies. It’s good for watching TV shows or sports as it upscales low-res content well and has wide viewing angles so you can watch with a group of people. It has a near lag-free response time and low input lag to provide an excellent gaming experience; However, it lacks VRR support and the refresh rate is cap at 60Hz at 4k.

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ink blacks.

Almost instant response time.

Exceptional handling of reflexes.

Wide viewing angles.


Risk of permanent burning.

It may not be bright sufficient to overcome the intense glare.

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