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01 Apr 2023

Write For Us

Thanks for listening to Mashableworld. However, we frequently post guest contributors on our technology company blog. Please read the following guidelines in their total before submitting a guest to Mashableworld for consideration.

Mashableworld provides brand management solutions. We, Mashableworld, are focused on delivering insight, motivation, strategy, and tools to help our clients elevate their businesses and succeed. Our proven solutions have helped clients achieve their goals for various reasons, as offers the best technology solution, promotional graphics, and related products.

To write to us, send us your article at

Write for us Mashableworld

what are we looking for

We are looking for a group of vibrant young people to write interesting and informative articles on marketing, technology, business, SEO, and digital marketing for our blog and website. Whether a complete beginner or an expert, we are here to inspire you with your ideas.

Ours: We also share your content on our robust social media platforms to help raise awareness and draw your attention to new ideas and places.

To write to us, send us your article at


By guest posting or posting to Marketplace for review, you confirm that you agree to these terms.

# 1. Content Quality

Content should be innovative and friendly, not supportive. Therefore, preference is given to articles with real scenarios and informative tips.

#2. Originality

All guest posts must be transparent and authentic (never published). You don’t want your guest post to appear anywhere in the search engine. Once your post is approved for publication, you grant us the copyright as the owner of your content and ensure that you do not use the same content elsewhere.

#3. Subject

You can send us a blog about social guest posting, web design, internet marketing, business, mobile, or the above topics and use the search box at the top of the site to see if we have any blogs already content on your topic. In this case, try to see a different point of view on the article, which is not in the existing one, and post a new one.

#4 Duration

Guest contributions should be at least 1,000 words. The ideal length is 1,500 to 2,000 words.

#5. If you want to advertise your business in posts, please email us about our sponsored posts.

#6. Formatting

All entries must be in standard American English.

Make clear and precise sentences.

Bullets help you distinguish each item and keep it in order.

Use bold for long articles that don’t have a paragraph.

#7. Pictures

Include at least three images connected to the content of the article. Photos must be clear (<100 kb)

# 8. Request to Delete an Article

If your product is authorized to be published on our website, it becomes the exclusive property of our website. Removal requests are not accepted.

How to submit an article?

To write to us, send us your article at

When your product is ready and meets our requirements, please email with the following information:

Brief introduction about yourself (maximum 60 words)

Google Docs link with the full article (at least 1000 words). The Google Doc should provide access to the “Anyone with the link can edit” permission.

Add to the “Guest Post” line

Therefore, we hope to promote your valuable work on our website and honor you as a guest writer.

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