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September 22 Zodiac Sign

September 22 Zodiac Sign

Date: 09/22

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Colour: sea green

In a word: sensitivity

Shape: matching crescents

Strength: pure emotion

Weakness: Sensitive to toxic environments

Best Compatible With: Cancer

A date like September 22 is meant to inspire us and send us love just after the Sun in Virgo has suffer the loss of love in the world. Relationships formed at this time tend to be loving and nurturing, and supportive of the needs of both people involved, though they are rarely as sensible when viewed from the side. People born in this era are empathic, capable of recognizing the emotional worlds of other people, and this makes them vulnerable and unable to protect themselves from the negative and toxic influences of the outside world.

Horoscope September 22


There is no planetary series as personally sensitive as this one and every person born on September 22 will have a rare talent for seeing others through all their emotional strengths and weaknesses. They are the eyes of the feeling world, and your soul longs to connect on a deeply intimate level, with no restrictions of space or time to get in the way of connecting with the souls of those who touch your heart. Also, Family matters and inheritance are an important topic in his life. His relationship with her mother is special and a basis for unique emotions that others may not see if her vision is cloud by ego and she struggles with vulnerability.

The Sun and Jupiter are said to broad the vision of those born on this date, giving them hope and insight as their confidence grows. Their humility is an issue that must be worked on and they tend to settle for much less than they deserve, full of understanding for everyone except their own weakness. In an attempt to become stronger than they are, they can make compromises that reshape their beliefs when they feel disappointed and realize that the only person they can believe in is themselves.

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Love And Emotions

The feelings and love life of those born on September 22 can be a bit like the waves of the sea moving with the current. With so much water running through your primal nature, your rational mind will easily fade around those who touch your heart. This makes them vulnerable to all sorts of betrayals and false compromises down the road. They must be stable and firm in understanding and decoding their own feelings before those of others, otherwise they could lower their alertness too much. They must see the responsibility of others to treat them well, as well as their own responsibility to accept nothing less.

Mistakes and control can become a problem in married life. Also, The blame is pass around, especially when they are not as down to earth and connect to the earth and the material world as they would like to be when their Sun is still in Virgo. You need a partner who is as fragile as you are, but also someone who understands the strength of your emotions. As they really get to know themselves, the person in front of them will admire and love them for who they are.


The life purpose of people born on September 22 is the acceptance and search for their limits and personal responsibility. Once they realize that they are primarily responsible for their own state of mind and heart and say goodbye to dishonest and painful matters, their life becomes much easier. These people are meant to build a structure for their future, respect their personal goals, and instea of being a complex muddy concoction of all the emotions in the world, build a structure of beliefs that they can always rely on as they deeply connect.

What Do They Excel At

A person born on September 22 has the most important talent of all: love. You excel at interpersonal contact, any type of housework, or decorating, and you do well as an interior designer, chef, or owner of a bodega a few blocks from your home. Also, Their need for a peaceful family life is exactly what makes them wonderful stable parents, loving and understanding of their children’s fragile needs.

September 22 Birthday Gift

A birthday gift for the sentimental souls of Virgo born on September 22 can be a piece of jewelry that they keep on a shelf, a glass or a mirror, old memories .

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